Sunday, June 28, 2009

calling from london

and the last stop has indeed arrived. though never expected to come to an end, it just seems that it must go on forever, i know that technically i have now two more days of 'travel' and one long day of travel (that is almost forty hours by the way and due to some time traveling madness all taking place in the space of one wednesday) and i will be finished with what has turned out to be quite the action packed adventure, though perhaps not the most thoroughly chronicled of adventures for which i again do apolagize. however i must say if i were writting all the time i would not have time to do anything worth writing about and therefor what would it be that i would be writing?
i digress however as this is definatly not my farewell blog, but just a few short words about the lovely frolics in charming london town which have so far taken place (and two more days so who knows what could happen still?!) with my friends, a selection of, though not all of, the epic british girls who have been previously mentioned here.
on friday morning i woke to an unfarmiliar setting, having taken the train from glasgow to london the previous evening, and arrived and been met at kings cross (where by the way there is neither a platform 9 or 10 for those who know why that is of any significance, apparently unintelligent children and or persons unknown of a number large enough to be worriesome, injured themselves running at the dividing wall). but i had fogotten all of this in the moment of waking and was temporarily alarmed until i remembered that i had once again, and for the last time at least on this trip, changed countries, cities, locations in general. i headed out to the subway or what they here call the tube/underground and will recognize by no other name, and journeyed to camden street where i met steph and sarah and we had some fun market-y times and some terribly upsetting chinese food (delicious at the time, rather close to rejected by stomachs later on) and then moved on to the protobello market and then to the main shopping area and the most enormous shops every, including the flagship topshop which has a tree downstairs (inside) and is so enormous we should have worked out meeting points in case anyone was unexpectedly seperated from the group. the markets were lovely if a bit commercial, but what i expected. some really wonderful things were being produced by hand by local artisans and i am always more than happy to support such persons (being at times one myself and believing in karma and all) and found many wonderful things amongst the silly eighties movie quote tshirts and the same reproduction hip garments in a variety of qualities and prices. there was also a rather glorious array of flea markety stuff and produce at portobella and a set of enormouse lion statues at camden which were dutifully posed with-really who could resist a big cat photo op?!
saturday i met helen at the waterloo train station (all the while humming the abba song) which was rather difficult due to the fact that one of the lines was down, a few stations closed, and the victoria or main line i was using, was determined to linger over-long and unessisarily in the tunnels while it's overcrowded occupants sweltered in the muggy heat below ground. but i got there in time and we found eachother just fine and we set out for the meeting point of the free tour of london, which she was eager to go on, due to the fact it is slightly comical to tour ones own country and that they are generally a rather good way to get a sort of general overview of a city in a whirlwind sort of way and are often suplimented by many interesting, though sort of useless facts which i always love learning. such as that the duke of wellington did in fact create the first wellington (or wellie) boot. we swung by the palace to catch a bit of the changing of the royal guard (to dancing queen of all things and aparently it was thriller the previous day in an obvious sort of tribute though interesting considering it's the queen that selects each peice) and wonder at the heavy heat of those black bearfur hats in the rather oppressive sunshine which beat down upon our group, thouroughly uncharicteristic of the country. aparently delivered by me?
we saw charles palace and passed several exclusive gentlemans clubs, and walked the length of pall mall street to trafalger square and over to big ben, parliment and the royal favorite church, where they conduct coronations, weddings and funerals. i felt an need to mutter 'remember remember the fifth of november' when walking past parliment, and was rather impressed with the sheer scale of the london eye, though daunted by the length of the line and convinced it was not worth it, by the price of a ride, and not even open air!
and todays central attraction was the wallace and gromit exhibit at the national science museum which involved lots of fun interactive games and activities and all sorts of awesome inventions and we saw a mans head get stuck in the tube doors and extricated (he should not have tried to board after the doors were closing but still) and all sorts of fun exciting dinosaur bones at the natural history museum and now i have another two days left of travel before i have to really travel and what do i fill them with?


  1. how about filling them with joy and love and wonder? you're rather good at that

  2. I just got your postcard! Yeah for Scotland, the one place I've been! We can compare castle pictures. Have a safe trip back, see you soon!