Sunday, December 28, 2008


well i thought i wouldn't have to write anything until i actually began doing things worth writing about, but i am procrastination pretty heavily from packing to the point that writing about the fact that i can't really deal with packing starts looking like a rather glorious option. anyhow, that's the sad truth along with the fact that a friend said that the fact that i haven't taken off yet is no excuse to not write. 
well in my head, as an extremist i still see it as a distinct possibility that i will be told upon arriving at the airport, that this is actually a joke, some elaborate prank and of course how silly of me to think that in reality i would be able to do something like this. laughter from the crowd and perhaps some pointing of fingers. so seeing that as an inevitable outcome, it is very easy to convince myself that packing is not so much a priority as a last minute task. 
i suppose now that i've muttered and rumbled about it i ought to go and get it done...or maybe go bake some cookies....

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