Friday, April 10, 2009

brass knuckle bazaar

and still it is soooooooooooooooo hot here. one must just come to accept stickiness as a part of life. i spent the last two days treking through the city of bangkok with friends i met at the guesthouse. gigi, and robbie, the canadians, and ellie, sweet little 18 year old english girl, and a rotating supporting cast. we didn't hurry as it was just to hot to do so, we did some leisurly but thoruogh exploring of the street and outdoor markets, where they sell everything from obama tee shirts and linen pants and carved elephants, to silk bathrobes, tazers and brass knuckles. switchblades, throwing stars and designer brand makeup were also popular items. we tested the 'street meat' (food stalls all along the sidewalk) and had coconut icecream served in a carved out fruit. we went to the famous night market, six people squished into a taxi (the majority of which are hot pink) and, exhaused from heckling and barganing, kicked back in the stadium sized beer garden and watched a parade of tiny thai girls and boys performing american popular music with very curious costume choices. we bought wine and rum spritzers from a man across the street from our house, who knew us well enough after two days to keep several in the cooler waiting for us to drink immediatly (less expensive than water at 20 baht) and took the skytrain, crammed in with hundreds of others into the blissfull airconditioned train, to go to the mbk shopping center (also air conditioned) which had a whole floor of indoor market/fair. watches with animals instead of numbers and abercrombie and fitch sweatshirts. the stuff that falls off of trucks. paid what amounted to $10 for a one hour oil massage that left me so relaxed i felt drunk and wobbly in the leg and last night we drove all over looking for a club cause some wanted to go dancing, only to discover that at 10:45 no one goes out, till 12 at least. and ended up getting snackfood at the 7-11 next door and eating on the steps just out of the rain that was falling all afternoon and into the evening. even made the power go out in a whole block for a few hours.
this morning i woke early to catch my bus to ko chang island. didn't get the the ferry until three in the afternoon, and they insisted on playing movies for us throughout the duration of the journey but at the lowest volume possible without being on mute. the ferry only took a few minutes and then we were fully tropical at the dock of ko chang, me and steff my bus partner (aussie) who joined me in hopping a truck taxi to find accomadations on the beach, which took far too long and far too much walking around in excruciating heat wearing backpacks and being told over and over that the beach was stoney and the sand beach was two miles that way.... finally found a place though, right at the sand, and two minutes out side of the civilization of lonely beach and it's internet, motercycle rental and resteraunts. the individual bungalows have a 'bathroom' and fan and mosquito net, plus mine comes with a delicate spotted cat who sits on my porch waiting for me to pet her. and now we will go for a night swim in the bathwater that is the ocean here....

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  1. what songs did the children sing? What do people say about
    the protests?