Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy new year

day three on island paridise and it's raining, thus i decide to write. the local children are a bit put out because this is thai new year and tradition allows them to throw water on everyone but the rain makes that almost pointless. it was especially fun to watch them spraying passing motercycles with colorful plastic water guns.
friday night i did go for my night swim, to thunder and lightning no less! the sky would brighten so much it looked like daylight and the waters strong waves made you feel like you were being rocked to sleep in bathwater. though a very salty bath it would be. and yesterday was my first full day on the island, which started with a walk into town and a ham and cheese omlette, then a whole morning and afternoon spent alternatly lying on the beach, reading/writing/sleeping, with occational dips into the water to 'cool down' but rather more for some variety. around four steff and i woke to find ourself hungry and walked into town to scrounge some food, decided to be brave and got enchilladas at a mexican resturaunt (the menu was in spanish!) not too bad either. and then more sitting around, making and writting postcards. my bungalow played host to a large bug which i squished with my book, and there are ghekos living on my ceiling. there are also hoards of sleek good natured cats and dogs running wild over the island. yesterday afternoon a small wiggly puppy with blue eyes joined me on the beach for company, and spent several minutes chewing up leaves and spitting them on my book before growing tired and sleeping beside me. and this morning i had museli with watermellon and pineapple, and orange soda for breakfast and it's still raining so i suppose i will sit and read some more. it does put a damper on sitting on the beach, this rain, but it keeps the tempature a bit more reasonable.

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