Tuesday, April 7, 2009


dubious greetings from the land of thai.
it's sweltering hot here and hard to notice much else. i have spent the whole day traveling, from wellington to auckland at 7 am and then hours spent wandering the airport and making goodbye phone calls before boarding my thai airlines flight to bangkok. the interior of the plane was lavender with beautiful alternating gold, amethyst and magenta seats. the hostesses changed outfits three times, always in semi-alarmingly bright combinations like turquoise and hot pink, but beautiful thick brocade gowns. i scored an emergency row seat, it was super spacious and i was comfortably sprawled all flight, and they presented all of our drinks delicatly perched on small silver trays. it was beautifully gracious service. i watched five movies in swift succession in an attempt to distract myself to no avail.
upon arriving i was greated by a thick wave of damp heat. and a barage of bantering taxi drivers all offering various prices. and offers of service. it seems almost like any other city, particularly in the dark. could be la except all the signage is in thai and my taxi was passed by a new ford truck with about ten small children perched in the bed. already i crave gold leaf and jewel toned textiles. and now, i will attempt to decrease my sweat output, and sleep off my jetlag. oh time change. how i have not missed you.


  1. some people eat gold leaf.particularly with dark chocolate

  2. Dear Max,

    This is Stephanie. I just wanted to tell you, not to sound creepy or anything, but I have very much enjoyed following you around the world so far! I am hoping this posting works because I have tried to do this a couple other times with no success. Also, I really admire what you are doing and it makes my travel lust even stronger. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!