Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy new year

sorry as there is still not a single photo from thailand. am taking billions, just not able to make them magically jump from camera to computer. when possible will flood you with images i swear.
it's still in full swing of thai new years celebrations. even though the actual day was yesterday. but walking to town for lunch this afternoon was still drenched with water and covered in baby powder. groups of happy thais danced outside shops and resturaunts with waiting buckets. has been going on since saturday. have take to lining purse with plastic bag in order to keep belongings from gettting soaked. has been quite helpful.
i have developed a koh chang routine after a few short days which goes like this: wake around the eight o clock hour to strange bird noises, or yowling cats, or if lucky, bells ringing around bungalow cows necks. shower and apply copious amounts of sunscreen and bug spray (note: when traveling alone, buy spray on sunscreen as there are just some places on ones back one cannot reach on ones own unless one happens to be a contortionist. which i am not) and heading out for morning museli at 'resort's resturaunt. then, stake place on beach under trees, where will remain shady longest. read, sleep and swim intermitently until late afternoon sun (about two) drives away all shade. walk into town of lonely beach for lunch (at we cafe where they have free wireless and i do all of my emailing without paying per minute) and fanta (am oddly obsessed with orange soda here though it helps it's served in a cool rippled glass bottle with a straw no less).
perhaps look through shops though everythings cheaper in bangkok and i don't feel like carting it around so i'm not likely to buy anything. have spot in a gnarled tree right next to the water that i will sit to do a bit of writting, but usually i return to my bungalow (shack on very shakey legs with steps about to fall off any day, doesn't seem right to call it a bungalow, sounds far to fancy) and open all the windows and climb into my mosquito net for a post-lunch nap. wake around five to go sit on communal porch and watch spectacular sunset (yet to let me down) and eat dinner and read a bit. don't usually talk to anyone unless to order food or tell vendors wandering the beach that i am not interested in their wares. have forgotten sound of own voice. oddly comforting silence though. allows alot of time for mental processing.
today i have been traveling for one hundred days. that sounds like a mighty big number but need i say the days have flown? perhaps it's because there is something new and different to see/hear/smell/taste experience each day, so much to take in that it keeps me running and not noticing the passing of time. i do sleep remarkably well while traveling, despite time differences and unbearable heat. i guess every day is so busy, so full, that there is no need to count hours days or even weeks. and then i look up from my calender, trying to pin down some dates for next week, and see the number 100 that i marked there in december, long before this even began, and am honestly a bit stunned. it feels like such a big number and yet it's passed with a magnificent swiftness. over half way and still so much left to see. and do. it's like an impossible race.
so here's to 100.

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  1. Tuxedo sat wit me to read this entry..and looked at me as if to say "naps? eating? watching the sunset? I'm with you girl!"