Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some greek lessons

things i've learned about greece (possibly europe in general) in the last two days.
1. it's very easy to feel like a local, for instance after fourty eight hours, i now know which metro stations can be used to traverse safely from one side of a busy street to another while avoiding the cars-speeding-in-every-direction and guys-honking-load-at-every-girl-they-think-is-pretty.
2. magazines with full frontal female nudity are displaced at the newspaper kiosks on every street corners. yet to see male nudity.
3. if you wish to appear european it's all about what i've christened the b.t which stands for big hair, and tight pants
4. greeks seem to have no regard for the lining up/queuing system in the slightest and a propencity to walk in front of anyone if they do not feel inclined to wait in line.
5. reeses peanut butter cups do not exist and therefor i have an intense unfixable craving for them
6.boys cultivate their heckling/whisting skills from very young ages. i was yelled at by a group of boys hanging through the bars of their grammar school fence, and a kid in a stroller whistled at me from across the street and pointed energetically. nor is
the skill lost with time or age. elderly men in fact have the privaledge (or so they seem to think) of being able to wink at or grab or pat anyone whom they choose, which is pretty much everyone.
7. they have someone who comes into the park every day to feed the pidgens.
8. hand gestures are the most effeciant means of communication, the larger the better

and now post musings i will leave you wiht a photo of me being a statue at the parthanon and ending up-as per usual-just looking foolish.

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