Wednesday, March 25, 2009

back to the bus

well, goodbye car, hello bus! i have not missed you but still, good way to get around.
i dropped off the car in auckland yesterday morning, early, and only 20 km over the alloted amount (and the guy winked and said i was under!). woke up early in the cormandal, early enough to catch the sunrise. it's the eastern most point of new zealand, and of the world, so i was seeing the wednesday sun first, out of anyone in the world-well along with everyone else on the beach looking at it, but who cares, it was magnificent. and then the drive to auckland, which was fine, until the city drew near and then it was harrowing in the extreem, and i pulled over cause the gas light went on and it turned out i was right where i wanted to be and i got there early and it was great. it was difficult to say bye to patty, she treated me so well and it was awesome to drive a car that felt so spacious, and cushy. i'm used to being more squished! i would just like to say thank you so much to my 'secret santa' out there, for allowing me four days of glorious freedom. i think i pulled over several times an hour, just to walk around the pullouts and exclaim at the view. i reveled in my temporary mobility. it was such a gift. thank you.
after dropping off the car i spent an afternoon in auckland, got a haircut (i was getting pretty snarley) and wandered around. discovered 'margaret' street (awesome!). and this morning at the crack of dawn the stray bus picked me up. a nice small bus full of really lovely people. not as young and crazy as the kiwiexperience kids. and we stopped at goat island and saw beautiful fish, and hugged the huge ka'uri tree which is apparently an old custom. hug the tree and pray to it. lovely tree. but not what i would call huge. and now i am in paihai and it's beautiful beach, and i'm going on a day trip tomorrow to the '90 mile beach' which should be awesome!

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  1. that treee was big! however I understand that when a person is used to redwoods, all other trees may look small...but it's good to say a prayer to a tree..i think of the Ents, they've been around such a long time and most likely have insights we haven't considered.......