Sunday, March 1, 2009

sticky fingers

slow weekend here at the blueberry farm and bakery. i have after two mornings become quite used to the chickens waking me up within the five o clock hour and have decided that the easiest thing is just to feed them so i keep a bag of the old bread used for their breakfast by my door and shuffle out half blind in the early morning to get them their breakfast.mary was off for the day (overnight bbq) so the alluring smell of baking pies did not linger over the property but the sun came out after a weekend of thoroughly dissapointing rain and heavy wind so i was delighted nevertheless. i spent the morning vacuming up drifts of dog hair thick as snow (another wwoofer bettyann is super allergic to basically everything and had to show us where her shot was in case she went into shock while we were there-crazy) and then ran down the hill in a flurry to open the cafe when a group of preschoolers showed up to pick berries and mandi had completely forgotten they were coming. i was given a small respite from the crazy while they went out and picked to get the stove and espresso machine going for pancakes and coffee respectively but all to soo they returned, and being children, bore an average of twenty berries per bucket to be weighed and seperatly bagged at their intense insistance. after which bettyann and i were set running frantically trying to keep up with pancake and sunday orders and watching as twenty odd children ran wild touching everything with icecreamy fingers. oh the glorious smudges.
but mostly it's quiet with just three of us here. i'm bracing though for when we are flooded with incoming wwoofers in preperation for the fair this weekend. it will be crowded and crazy i'm sure but as of now not much to report. so till then...


  1. so, how old are these "sticky fingered ones"? Do they come far from their preschool or is it like a trip to Gowan's to pick apples and pumpkins? Do you remember that trip?

  2. So, how old are these sticky fingered ones? Do they come from very far away? Is it like the trip to Gowan's to pick apples and pumpkins? Do you remember that trip?