Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'windy welly'

well this city is well named. yesteday evening the wind picked up suddenly and strong enough to knock over a person who may have been not paying attention/otherwise occupied as i demonstrated.
i have settled into wellington happily. i would love to stay but the yha has a strict six day limit that cannot be broken. too bad but more to see and i will move on when the time comes. my friend mary from the blueberry farm took the bus in on tuesday to visit me for st patricks day. we had mexican food for dinner (both casting ourseves excitedly upon the resteraunt with a enthusiasum which showcased the extreemly enormous amount of time which had lapsed since either of us had partaken of the wonderfulness which is the burrito. we almost inhaled our food, and two of the most confusingly terrible margaritas ever-something was missing but we couldn't figure what) and after some liquid courage mary decided it was high time she visited a strip club so we went to the mermaid (cause it was called the mermaid) and were extreemly let down after the awesomeness of the burlesque of the mighty mighty. it was cool that all the girls looked totally like real girls, but they were so spacy and uninterested seeming and each one did exactly the same dance. at one point they advertised that their mermaid would be swimming in the tank and there she was, but no tail, no seashells. extreme let down. in the end we became tired of giggling tinsel-wigged girls spilling green beer on us in their haste to move swiftly in tight packs throughout tightly packed stuffy rooms, tired of bad music and stepped on feet, so we bought some chips and chocolate and drank raspberry tea on the terrace overlooking the city. perhaps not so very exciting but oh well.
the irish pubs were decorated with green white and orange balloons and people were hanging drunkenly off balconies at the lively hour of 11:30 am but other than that the city fairly ignored the holiday with merrimaking isolated to designated spots throughout the city center. many non-irish drinking establishments were in fact closed (it being tuesday) perhaps thinking it not worth opening, what the reason was i do not know. but i have been told there will be far more intoxicated insanity proliferating the streets on friday, for the last home rugby game for several months. should be a sight to see and i don't plan on missing it.

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