Monday, March 16, 2009

learning the rules

we all decided to go out in wellington last saturday, to escape the farm, and colin wanted to see some rugby, badly. so we found a pub with an enormous projection screen, checked to game times, and went and got malaysian food (during our wait for our food we discussed the oddity of handedness, and how we should be ambidextirous if we just started using out left hand too, and so we all ate with our opposite hand, forks gripped awkwardly in scrunched up fingers resembling t rex claws). i had decided that i wanted to learn the rules of rugby, thinking that it would be more entertaining if i more that vaguely undertood what was going on (and feeling that as it was such a huge thing in new zealand, it may be a reasonably good idea to watch it, in case i am tested at some later date), and colin felt more than up to explaining everything in detail, sometimes resorting to the salt and pepper shakers to act out plays, and diagrams drawn on upside down beer coasters. all of the differnt positions were explained, the purpose of each player detailed for me pre game. and then it began. all of the rucking, hooking, scrumming, it was madness. utterly awesome maddness. most players had bloodstains on their shirts by the end of the game. and it made sense and i was so proud.
then we went to a bar called the mightly mighty where we drank cider and were suprised by a burlesque stripper show which we were not expecting...

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  1. it might be fun if some of those rugby players were doing the stripping......