Monday, March 30, 2009

when in nz

so, looking at the end of my time in new zealand, land of the great white cloud (and there are lots of awesome clouds here) and at what i've done etc. i've read 28 books and written 48 postcards (gives me a handcramp just thinking about it) and learned all sorts of things. for instance, in nz toilets say vacant/engaged and men wear very short shorts and everyone seems to have taken to walking about barefoot, in the city, in some sort of protest. burgers are served with beetroot a fried egg and chile sauce and this is deemed normal, it's impossible to find mexican food that won't make you ill, any place spelled with a 'wh' at the beginning is inexplicably pronounced 'f' (and i am massivly impressed by the weather ladys ability to say all the names at breakneck speed without mistakes), and "sweet as" is said by everyone, all the time. and the facts are incorrect, and dairy production has gone up as the demand for lamb has subsided so there is now only 10 sheep per person. also:
bathing suits=togs
trash cans=rubbish/litter bins



car body shop=panelbeaters
pants=trousers (and pants are something entirely different)
and fries/chips/wedges are all used to describe potatos treated with hot oil, but each means a different variety. however, the lines of differentiation are rather vague at times.
as i am making lists now i can also say that i have been to a lot of places, and here they(mostly) are in order (i think):
auckland/wellsford/auckland/wellington/picton/renwick/blehnim/linkwater/havelock/nelson/rai valley/french pass/nelson/greymouth/christchurch/dunedin/queenstown/christchurch/picton/wellington/upper hutt/wellington/taupo/whitianga/auckland/whangarai/paihai/auckland/wellington
while here in new zealand i have done rather i lot of things. again i will grace you with further listing:
cyclone escaping, bird breakfast sharing, cow chasing, garlic harvesting, beekeeping, long bus riding, ferry crossing, blueberry picking, blueberry baking, early morning inaguration-ing, bicycle powered wine tasting, lemon rescuing, jungle walking, ugly dog sitting, shady tree reading, post van riding, room cleaning, bed making, dolphin swimming, rain dancing, film watching, cocoa drinking, flower smelling, duck feeding, spicy curry eating, freezing, bus talking, sweater buying, bus sleeping, cloud watching, jump missing, popcorn making, more bus riding, music listening, sick boating, ice cream slurrping, laughing, sauce making, pie baking, sign painting, fair attending, pancake making, swimming, postcard creating,joke telling, left hand eating, cider drinking, friend goodbying, chocolate eating, art seeing, nerd touring, rugby screaming, ink getting, car driving, skydiving, picture taking, sun rising, parallel parking, haircutting, truth realizing, more bus riding, tree hugging, water wading, sand boarding, writing, package sending, more bus riding, freind visiting, place/people returning to, goodbye saying. to name a few things.

i will miss this place and the people here and i have a feeling that i am not seeing the last of it!
and now off to the next adventure..............

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