Wednesday, March 4, 2009


considering that i have been on a farm, i have been doing distinctly un-farmy and more house wife-y things this week. i have spent almost all of my time in the kitchen. and it's been sunny so it's been extremely warm in the kitchen especially when i have been cooking. i have been in charge of meals and cleaning because mary has been feverishly finished one hundred blueberry pies, and bettyann is allergic to everything (and especially animals) so she can't really come in the house, so that leaves me. and while i have been in the house i have been making batches of sauce for the fair. first picking, coreing, blending and cooking apples from out back in chicken territory, then adding berries till it turns a sinister sort of hot pink to fushia color. and in an gynormous pot, often two going at one time, which i have to stir with a very longhandled wooden paddle. makes me feel distinctly witchy, like babayaga or something. and it makes the house smell good but all the steam constantly in an already over warm house, means that i have to go outside often for air breaks, in the two minutes i can be away before i must return to stir some more. because if you don't stir, everything sticks to the bottom, and has to be cleaned very thoroughly, scraped from the bottom with steel wool and not a very pleasant job at all.
yesterday i received some respite however when i was sent into the fields to pick some berries to boost the dwindling supply in the cafe. i was given a ten kilo bucket and i filled it in under two hours working steadily, to the amazment of the others, as that was an unexpectedly large volume to return with. and today i get to go back with my bucket again, and i think that i may bring a second bucket to upturn as a seat, no reason to be uncomfortable and that way i will be able to reach all the wonderful dark ones hidden in the low branches. and taste test as i go of course. it's only right, i wouldn't feel okay delivering berries that i didn't know were extremely tasty, so it's my responsibility to eat as i pick. right?!

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  1. quality control is important. altho random samples require you to eat at least a handful at a time since you are making batches right ?