Saturday, February 21, 2009

and again with the rain...

so i made it to queenstown fine, slogging through rain to to the hostel after hours on the bus from dunedin, with cramped feet and a growling stomach. the hostel is situated right on the late which would be lovely, such a nice view of the mountains, however the remarkables (aparently the only range running north/south other than the rockies) are not so remarkable wreathed in clouds so that you can barely make them out. the lake would be beautiful so wide and clear and littered with cute little black ducks which approach you eagerly in search of crumbs, if it weren't raining steadily with a strong wind blowing. i did have some lovely spicy indian in town upon arriving and that helped to calm my frustration but it has been a challenge to be in queenstown, adventure capital of new zealand and possibly even the world, and have to sequester in the lounge watching 'small soldiers' on vhs to keep from getting pnemonia out in the cold. there will be no jumping out of things or off of things, no shooting down rivers, riding gondolas to soaring heights and spectacular views, no tours, no boating, nothing adventureous at all, except how many times i can microwave the same pizza and still consume it.
my biggest salvation is that there is an amazing chocolateirie called patagonia which an enormous hot chocolate that they can make with either chile, ginger or lavender, and free wireless. i have visited them twice already and plan to sample every flavor of fudge they can create. so although it is summer here (and the peak season prices reflect that) it doesn't feel like it. i will weather the cold and damp in hopes of warmth and sun and the allure of wellington and working at a market making blueberry pancakes. and atleast there are the oscars tonight to distract me further from the frustration of being so earthbound in a place so renound for it's gravity defying possibilities.


  1. hello Margaret,
    it is raining here in Mendocino too so don't get homesick. i am your secret santa, waiting for you to have that special splurge. we saw Slum.. yesterday and it was quite a movie - such innovations in the movie industry. i appreciate you taking the time to write, it is fascinating, you have a descriptive talent! wendy cusick

  2. i am wishing all your rain north to mendocino, may you have clear skies and warm evenings. jj