Thursday, February 26, 2009

and it's blueberries again

so i've finally made it back to some farm stuff-this time in upper hutt just outside of wellington-and doing some things with blueberries again. no complaints here. they have a little cafe where people come on the weekends for blueberry pancakes, sundays, sorbet, muffins, and pies as well as pick your own. it's cute and there are going to be lots of other woofers here in preperation for the martinborough fair next weekend (apparently the largest in the southern hemisphere) including mary who showed me around this afternoon. she left being a private chef in both n.y. and london to come over here and bake 75 pies in a week for the blueberry farm. they have a ton of blueberries here, extensive orchards, and it's lovely and calm and so much sun. there is a dog named frodo and a herd of un-named ducks and chickens (except for one extreemly well dressed and slightly mad looking chicken who has been named dumbledor) and a swimming hole. i think it ought to be a nice relaxing break for hustle and bustle type of stuff. and one two busses a day and perhaps a ferry when i'm lucky. we'll see.

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