Wednesday, February 25, 2009

escape from the cold cold south

and these are the remarkables. covered in clouds and completely un-seeable. i left the south island behind last night, after two days of travel, and two weeks of bad weather. i have now unwound my scarft and taken off my little mittens that i desperatly made out of sox when my fingers became too cold. the travel was spent mostly asleep or half asleep. i had to get up at seven and six the past two mornings and corral all of my pocessions into my backpack and consider dragging a comb through my hair and deciding it wasn't really worth it and putting a hat on instead. a lot of time has also been spent comiserating on the discomfort of traveling by coach, with my reflection in the window. seeing lovely scenery pass by swiftly, and the windows all covered in rain. i've pretty much figured out the most comfortable ways to sleep when you have both your seat and the one next to you. and i've also developed a routine of switching sides of the bus with each trip so i don't get neck problems. but i have made a really nice batch of trail mix ( or tutti fruitti as it's called by the swiss) which i've been bringing with me, and i've learned what to avoid when the bus stops for 'comfort breaks' and there is a little cafe. the chips/fries/wedges while they always smell like a good idea, never taste like it, and have most likely been sitting under hot lights for several days, which the hot chocolate, though accompanied by the obligatory two pink marshmallows, is not too bad, and warm.
but enough about busses/coaches and travel. i am in wellington, capital city, windy city (after chicago of course) it's time to wander and do some laundry and find some neat cafe in which to have lunch, preferably containing bacon. and then tomorrow it's off to the farm again, after so long. in upper hutt (supposedly a suburb of wellington) and something involving pancakes and blueberries so it can't be too bad right?!
p.s. since it was requested by several people, here is a picture of me, smelling the roses. see i don't look any different.

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  1. thanks for the picture, glad to see you can stop and smell the roses jj