Wednesday, February 18, 2009

max and the chocolate factory

went to the cadbury chocolate factory today. there were two silos full of chocolate (27,000 tons) and we were walking through the factory seeing them pop out 20 kilo blocks of industrial chocolate (like for catering and resturaunts) and they had a one ton chocolate waterfall that splattered all over the place, very awesome looking but then they told us that it wasn't a functional mixing technique it was just for the tours, that they used the same ton of chocolate for a year and then switched it out (and since it wasn't good for anything much they made it into bars they sold to australians...!). but the whole place smelled so good, made your mouth water just sniffing the air. aparently they take on a whole third of their staff seasonally for the easter production period (june through january). and according to the tour, six months worth of chocolate takes one week for new zealand to consume....impressive really. that's about it for the day, plus various wandering and noodling around in galleries and shops. it was very very cold and has been for about a week so i went to a local op shop (thrift store) to find a sweater (no reason to pay alot when it's likely to get tosses once it gets warm and i don't feel like carrying it any longer) and there were three students from the local university filming a commercial which involved togas and someone in their underwear and i'm not sure whatelse. it was pretty funny. and tomorrow it's to queenstown. the adventure capital of the world.....

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  1. Thrift stores in New Zealand!!!!!! OMG must have the greatest merino sweaters. I am so jealous.