Monday, February 9, 2009

'wow' should be 'wam'

well i just returned to my hostel from the wearable art museam (also in nelson but it's a city of a sprawling nature) and am intensley frustrated about my lack of studio access. it was fascinating and incredibly inspiring and i so think i need to enter this thing. look it up, it's fantastic and crazy. a word about neslon busses (and drivers): there is only one bus, and it goes in a loop about every hour (times look like 3:30, 4:35, 5:20-it's inexplicable and slightly weird but nevertheless, i don't question it) and you give your money to the bus driver who has a cash register next to his seat, and he asks where you are going and then gives you appropriate change. unfortunatly i didn't get off at the right stop so when it was suddenly only me on the bus and i looked sort of confused he turned to me and asked where i was headed and when i told him he told me i'd missed it but then instructed me to get off at richmond, wander around for a little bit and then be at the bus stop on the other side a half hour later to get the bus headed back towards city center and the museum. he also gave me a note which he wrote on a scrap of paper for the bus driver, saying that i was not to pay, and where to let me off. i did as i was told and was shown where to exit, and told exactly which way to walk to get to wow, though it's simple, the footpath is interspersed with yellow arrows saying "this way to wow". there was also a gluten free bakery at the bus stop which i figured was a good sign as well. armed with a blueberry muffin i made my way to the museum and it was a stunning display. i was warned you need about two hours and this is accurate, though there weren't as many (for lack of a better word) garments as i would have liked (as in every single one) but there was a vidio as well, showing all the past winners, and part of the show, which is a dancing/singing/lightshow extravaganza to say the least. and the peices, were awesome-tastic. the picture here is of one made all out of recycled baby clothes woven together. there was a warrior costume made out of leather feathers, some out of paper mache, one entirely old piano sheet music, they were extraordinary, and baffling and so great. and on the walk back to the bus i detoured through a tunnel under the highway where there was geometric colors painted and someone had tagged 'me'.

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