Tuesday, February 3, 2009

yes it's true

well i could die happy now. i have made it to the very isolated and remote french pass (look it up on google) after a rather strenuous three hour drive on a trecherous dirt road and felt a bit as if i had wasted my time getting here. yesterday i was sitting on the beach reading a book after my work was done (cleaning rooms at the rather generously named french pass resort-generous in that it has just three rooms) and there were some shouts from the pier, a few people had spotted dolphins swimming into the bay. i walked up onto the pier, looking out at some kids paddling around in kayaks and wishing i were prepared, wearing a bathingsuit or something. and i watched for probubly a half hour as they froliced in the water, and some of the people at the neighboring campground put on snorkel gear and went in with them and wishing i were in the water too, and as they started drifting toward the pier i stopped wishing, realized i would regret it if i didn't, and jumped.
yes it's true. i jumped off a dock and swam with dolphins. people pay loads of money to do this at places like marine world and i can see why but it was spectacular cause it wasn't a trip or a tour and i didn't pay anything, except about two dollars in change that was in my pocket and my left contact, and there they were. one swam right under me and as i was turning looking for where they had gotten to another two lept out of the water in unison right next to me. they were only a handspan away. it was baffling and amazing and i just can't think of any descriptive words that would do the experience justice. yes, i was weighed down by jeans, which are not easy to swim in might i add, and yes my teeth were chattering and i wasted the shower i had had an hour previously but i swam with dolphins. they came up to me. i looked one in the eye. they are beautiful and not as solid grey up close as they appear from a distance but patterned and with very distinctive fins. and so beautiful. i only wish i could have gone underwater with them. and the water was so clear and not that cold, it was colder to be out in the air in wet clothes. and i felt drunk with excitement unable to stop saying wow.
i would do it again in a heartbeat. and i have decided to wear my bathing suit under all my clothes while i am here. just in case. you never know.


  1. wowee the choice to jump was an excellent one. That is not always the case, but one never knows. Looking a dolphin in the eye is something to remember your whole life.

  2. Hello Miss Margaret,
    I gotta tell you that I am confused! Now,I know you have a raincoat, (cause I sold it to you)...... however, you repeatedly refer to days spent indoors because of the rain... but then you are willing to jump into the ocean, fully clothed, wearing jeans no less, to swim with the dolphins!!! Sounds like it was worth it. Now put your raincoat on and go outside.
    Love reading about your wonderful adventure.