Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the center of new zealand

weirdly enough the country of new zealand which is made up of two main islands, has a geographical 'center' and it's in nelson. i don't know i f they include the water and this is the middle if you were to measure from the top of the north to the bottom of the south...do they include stewart island? the whole thing seems strange. but it's a quick (all up hill) hike and there is a huge white sculpture sort of like a finger pointing to the plaque on the ground which reads "this is the center of new zealand". well the view was magnificent anyway. and there were really good clouds today.
i was on the bus this afternoon when school got out in the late afternoon and there was a crowd of school aged kids all vaguely uniformed and chattering excitedly. they were all very polite and sort of ninetys feeling. a little grunge/emo but generally looking pretty scrubbed. and as if they all turn in their homework. i could draw one of two conclusions from my time observing them (about a half hour): either there arn't any bad kids in new zealand, or the bad kids don't take the bus.


  1. and what really is a "bad kid" one that maybe doesn't fit in..or is terribly lonely or isolated? or is stretching the envelope of what is expected?

  2. and what is a "bad kid"? one that doesn't do as they're told..or one who is terribly lonely or isolated.or is stretching the envelope of the norm?
    Does running away to join the circus count? How about just looking like you're one of the crowd but inside you're a repressed artist....holding everything in. I think that would be really bad.

    food for thought