Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i spent the whole morning in the blueberries just overcome with delight! what a great thing to be doing. there are at least thirty long rows of berries and the plants are just heavy with fruit, it's almost frustrating to pick cause some are always falling off just as you touch them. but it's the perfect fruit to pick as they are mostly tall plants so you can stand up and pick some and then sit down and pick the ones lower and there's shade and sun and we were playing music and it's really a great way to spend a morning.
after lunch we took off on bikes to visit some vineyards (it's wine country majorly here, all vines) as they all have free tastings, though the people pouring were not entirely happy with the fact that we tasted all the wines and didn't buy any of them. after two wineries with at least fifteen wines between them we were a little wobbly on the bikes out in the hot sun (thank goodness it's all relatively flat) so we decided to detour to the river, which was great as far as as it was cool, but swift moving and not good for swimming, just wedging a foot between some rocks to dunk all the way under without being swept away downriver. but then we got to ride back soaking wet and that was fun! oh and just a goodbye note, i know there haven't been any pictures really but i've been able to get some off my camera here, and i'm going back and adding them so they go with their original story, so check them out, the bird is crazy, i can't believe i got that picture of him thinking about eating my tomato...

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