Sunday, January 4, 2009

crossing the worlds middle

well, many hours of screaming baby awesomeness later i have successfully made it to my first destination. fiji at 8 am is so hot. but amazingly vivid colors, so much green and blue. just trying to get myself together and all i want to do is sleep (but i'm trying to make it to the night). i've sweated through my fresh clothes already. i understand now how travel (the actual getting from one place to another) can really wear on someone, it's just mentally exhausting if nothing else, too much in too little time i guess. and it's odd to think that i'm in another country (on the other side of the world no less) as it took so little time to get here relative to the distance it is on a map. and the whole time things still freaks me out as i left on a saturday and 20 hours later it was monday! still trying to wrap my head around that one. and now that i have babbled i must go figure out what to do while here, beaches seem to be an obvious choice...


  1. I"m using your hot-water bottle.
    that and 2 cats will have to keep me warm tonight.
    what king of foods have you found? don't tell me if there's a mcdonald's...i don't want to know that

  2. What if you'd gone around the world the other way?! Would you have landed last THURSDAY??

    It's official. You're a time-traveler.