Monday, January 5, 2009

funky music

the hostel i am staying at has a bar/resturant/ pool hall adjacent to a swimming pool which boasts "we have awesome funky music"
which seems to mean old michelle branch and moondance.
i woke up this morning to the realization of what it was i had forgotten to pack. the disasterous results of not having insect repellent are displayed quite gruesomely on my left leg where i have 82 bug bites of various size and itchy-ness. it is however a very effective way to learn that lesson.
i went into nadi this morning when i finally woke from my jetlag induce coma. everyone is friendly in such an agressive way here. they all say hello (bula) and you have to say hello back but then they want to know where you are from and how your holiday is going and 'just look at my shop please, very pretty nice things' and it's hard to escape their clutches. i did see a very beautiful temple though, painted so many bright colors and with the most wonderful layered carvings of elephants and flowers. it looked like some sort of elaborate pastry all covered in sugar roses, but you had to take your shoes of to go in and the ground was so hot it made lingering an imposibility.

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