Friday, January 9, 2009


my first day in new zealand i found myself sitting in a little sidewalk cafe, in auckland, overlooking all the boats setting out to sail in the bay and eating breakfast. i got bacon and eggs with hash browns and oh my goodness i think it was the best breakfast i've ever had. now maybe this was because it was the first proper breakfast i ate since brunch before i left california (if i don't count one incredibly greasy omlette i got in fiji, which i don't) or maybe because it was totally perfect. the eggs were fluffy and the bacon was obviously cut by a butcher due to it's irregular shapes, and the hash browns... i don't know if i'm a good enough foodie to properly describe these hash browns, to do them justice. they weren't shredded potato thrown on a grill for a minute like back home, they were crisp triangular wedges, so crunchy on the outside that they held together when propped up on their side and so well cooked that seam rose out of them when they were cut open and all these spices.... wow. why doesn't america do their potato's like that.
and as if this breakfast couldn't get any cooler, a group of little speckled budgies came and hopped around my plate while i was eating, venturing bravely to the edge to inspect the grilled tomato and then flying a bit away but returning again.
and then i walked in circles for an hour looking for a post office....

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  1. you are making me hungry. you now have the breakfast to compare all others to, good that it came at the start of your trip. and i am glad you had others to share it with.