Monday, January 19, 2009

the neverending journey

well i have finally made the trip and switched islands. after twenty-odd travel hours by bus (coach) and ferry i am not officially on the south island, and i made it to the berry farm in renwick (i can eat all the blueberries i want here! is this heaven?!). before i go on let me apolagize for any terrible spelling in the course of this blog, i know it has occured previously but now it's far more apt to happen as the keyboard i'm using has all the letters worn off the keys and therefore whenever i look down i become seriously confused.
the bus i have concluded is definatly not a glamorous way to travel, nor the most timely. i have a friend who is flying from auckland to queenstown for $20 less than i paid for two busses and the ferry! and the starlight (overnight) auckland to wellington bus, while a good idea in theory, is just a big headache. i think i slept for two hours maximum among all the readjusting of seats, shuffling, getting on and off, and loudspeaker anouncments to say nothing of the man seated in front of me who had the most absurd sounding cough ever (impossible to describe really) which cut through my headphones turned up to the loudest volume i could stand, and felt like a smack to the head every time. also i have discovered after a good week of research, that new zealand transportation while extensive, is very much not on time! every timetable was off by atleast 20 minues, causing me to be constantly running from one platform to another carting my bags and elbowing people out of the way (if you are going to move painfully slow, must you block the entire flow of traffic and force them to comply with your snails pace speed? what for company?!) and jumping over old ladies left and right. i just barely made each connection and i scheduled them with an hour of wait time minimum. i dislike untimely things. i dislike it very much.

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  1. travel by bus is never easy, seems like the longest journey in one pop is behind you. you can now make shorter trips and enjoy them more, even if they are on a bus. jj