Sunday, January 25, 2009


above you will see the caravan that is my home here-directly next to a sign that says 'blueberries and plums' and 'honk for service' (which people most definatly do). now that i have been here for a week and am looking at the prospect of moving to my next place, the following is some of what i've discovered here at windsong orchards.
worst sounds while picking blueberries:
a. the 'plunk' of a perfectly ripe berry you accidentally brushed dropping from it's perch to the ground and rolling out of sight.
b. the various 'plunk' and 'plink' noises of a whole handful of carefully picked blueberries (which you had to climb into the bush to acquire) missing your bucket entirely and plummeting to the ground.
best sounds while picking blueberries:
best sounds while picking blueberries:
a. the moment when the ka-plink's of berries hitting the bottom of your pail cease and due to the now muffled 'whump' you know the bucket is no longer empty.
b. the sonorous cacophony of three kilo's of blueberries being poured into the grader.
worst things about picking blueberries:
a. being showered with water (because the irrigation was left on the night before) as you look up at a particularly lovely bunch of berries.
b. walking bent over along the rows of younger plants and gaining an average of seven berries per.
c.the sun. it's relentlessly hot.
best things about picking blueberries:
a.taste testing
things i've learned from picking blueberries:
a.the reason you never see gigantic (i mean collosal) blueberries in stores or markets is that the people picking them eat them before they can make it to you. i know cause there were lots and i felt a distict need to uphold the tradition and therefore i ate them all.
b.there is no end to the way blueberries can be prepared and eaten. they can be put on salads and crackers and cereal, they can be baked in pies, tarts, muffins, pankakes, cupcakes, they can be made into sauce, jam, juice, soup, salad dressing. and they can be put on anything spread with peanut butter, but the best way to eat them is a large handful (even two) transfered directly into your mouth. nothing beats that...

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  1. sweet digs, looks like a migrant farm workers home.