Thursday, January 22, 2009

gooey melt-y mess!

--this was the sky last night, it was ridiculously lovely. i took a billion pictures (while being mocked by my picking compatriots) cause it was just too awesome.

last night we had a huge dinner with multiple courses and two kinds of pudding (dessert) and then we went to the local pub and had a drink we created (the summer shnappy = vodka, peach shnapps and current juice) which tasted a little too much like just juice but really wasn't and then we played some elaborate card game i had never heard which was sort of like calvinball cards, and the winner of each round was 'president' and was allowed to make decrees to the lower peoples and it was just so hard to
keep track of it all. oh and then we had a dance party to the unlikely mix of queen and fleetwood mac and we palyed dance-off which is like 'horse' but with dance moves and was utterly ridiculous but great. the other three girls (jesse and robin from the bay area, and emma from washington) took off this afternoon, along with richard, who has been wwoofing for years (YEARS) and keeps coming back here.
so it's kind of quiet, the new couple just showed up and it's not quite dinner time yet. too hot to really do much of anything actually. i did make a tart though. i figured why not bake, it's already scaldingly hot the oven won't make an ounce of difference right? we have all been trying to use blueberries as much as humanly possible. in everything really. blueberry soup, blueberry tart, pie, sauce, pancakes, in salad and on cereal. the first night i just had a giant bowl of blueberries and cream. and tonight i made a blueberry chocolate tart, with a peanut butter crust using cereal i crushed into flour using the bottem of an empty jar. it was so silly, and noisy but made a great crust. i am now just waiting for it to cool, cause it's all gooey and melt-y and would make an awful mess, but a good mess.


  1. I'm sorry everyone else left. :/ When do you leave this farm?