Thursday, January 8, 2009

movies on T.V.

i have amazingly escaped from the pull of fiji. having been there i now understand why they practically paid me to go during this season. it rained for the last two days i was there. and i'm talking serious rain here: heavy, sideways, loud and with a wind that made all the palm trees bend rather alarmingly. there has been a cyclone warning since yesterday and my friends day trip to robinson crusoe island was canceled this morning due to 'turbulent weather' some people said cyclone, and some hurricane and we spent many hours debating the difference. was a cyclone only on the water and a hurricane when it hit land? or did it refure to the direction that it was spinning? none of us could figure it out but i managed to make it to the plane and exit (sort of ) gracefully, none the less.
since it's been so rainy i've been feeling a little like i'm back home, and when it's rainy at home i always want to curl up and watch movies. well in the last few days, especially spending so much time on airplanes, i've seen an incredibly ecclectic selection of movies. i saw city of ember, igor, and nights in rodanth on the way to fiji. and then i watched babylon a.d with a fijjian boy named geralde and he told me how he believed vin diesel to be the best white actor and then we proceded to talk extensively about american politics, the new president, and economic situation in the us, and he told me he had had to quit playing rugby when he when to theological college because it's not allowed (the violence i think, and maybe the competition). then this morning we watched a terrible made for tv movie with some very farmiliar guy who we finally figured out was one of samantha's numerous boyfriends on sex and the city. they projected it on the wall of the hostel resturaunt cause no one could leave due to rain and i think they were hoping we would buy more food (we were having a junk picnic from the market across the street cause the hostel prices were insane. like $10 for a corona!). and then on the plane to aukland this evening i watched beverly hills chihuahua's and it was terrifying... and yet the only thing playing so i watched it anyway.
so i've made it to new zealand safely and considering how little we all did in the last two days due to the weather, i had a lot to write but i am done now.

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