Sunday, January 18, 2009


no i didn't miss-spell that, it's what the resuraunt is called (or diner or whatever) where i just got my last auckland meal. i had done thai and indian and didn't really feel like inducing the sadness which comes from me trying to find something to eat in an italian resturaunt and there was burgurfuel and it was like an angle decending. i could smell the fries-excuse me and sorry, they are called chips here.
and it got me to thinking about how new zealand doesn't really have a native cuisine but just offerings from elsewhere around the world. and then i though about what was american food and the only thing i could think of was a burger and milkshake. we didn't really invent apple pie, or pizza, or sandwiches and what else is american? i'm sure people were having bacon and eggs and pancakes before we stole the indians corn..... so do we have our own food? maybe not
yesterday, in a lull in the rain which foiled my plans of an island day trip i ventured to the post office to mail some postcards (note: if you want to get one, i've got to hear from you first) and then i walked a little further and went to the bank and then i continued walking just for something to do and because it wasn't raining and i saw the clouds lifting to reveal the sky tower, looming over the skyline and luring me in with it's promises. i had tried on three seperate occations to go to the sky tower when i was first in auckland, as it's the tallest building in the southern hemisphere and i like tall buildings and elevators and stuff like that, and every time, i was foiled by unfriendly weather so i though maybe if i sneak up on it, without delaring my intentions of a visit, i might successfully be able to assend it's amazing heights and veiw the city with cars like little ants and all of that. so i walked in a vaguely skytower-ly direction and poked in some shops and eventually ended up there, and got a ticket and went up. and it was beautiful. looked like a postcard. but really, couldn't i just have gotten a postcard? honestly it made me feel a bit jaded. like once you walk around the veiwing platform a few times and get kicked in the shins by a little girl with a stuffed skytower doll, isn't that all you need of the sky tower? was it worth all the effort to see it? thank god i got a discount (backpacker) or it would have been even more dissapointing. i wonder if the eiffle tower is a letdown to? that would be so sad...

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  1. I guess it's all perspective. ...and I've noticed that it's way easier for me to be disappointed if I have an idea of how something is supposed to be. thanks for sharing your adventure w/me