Sunday, January 11, 2009


today i woke up at 6:30 in the morning to the sun shining through the window ans hitting my face. the rain had finally stopped. after trying fruitlessly to go back to sleep i gave up and got up. and ate breakfast. and showerd. and packed. and walked to the post office in parnell ($1.50 to send a postcard to American!). it's amazing how much one can get done when they wake up so early.
last night i sat on the porch eating chocolate cookies as the sun went down and the sky tower lit up (and i thought about how it's someones job to look over all the light bulbs there, to make sure they work) and my new french friend taught me how to play chess, and i helped her with her english. and i actually wasn't that bad. i always thought chess as so complicated but it's relatively simple once you get how all the pieces can move in different ways. and now i have to leave again, and move onto a new place, now that this one feels sort of like home.
i'm off to the farm, wish me luck...

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  1. when playing chess or watching chess, it always helps me if I think of alice in wonderland